Urcel has two large and important log transport chains: trucks and trains, all of them specially adapted for this purpose. These are two efficient driving forces, with very convenient transfer times.



We reactivated, through commercial agreements, together with Belgrano Cargas, the Urquiza line, which allows us to move up to 50,000 tons per month.
This gives us access to very fresh exportable products of very good quality from distant mountains. The load is managed efficiently.

We have our own stockpiles at the stations.
We have rigorous control over goods “in transit” with end-to-end visibility, including online access to reports on timber that is on a train or truck and on its way to some of the stockpiles, thus being able to improve the flow of exportable product in the logistics chain.



We have a fleet of 200 trucks from subcontracted suppliers, with experienced drivers, dedicated to the daily transportation of logs between the forest – stockpile – port. A very versatile mode of transportation.

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